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baterias 250Ah recarregáveis solares

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baterias 250Ah recarregáveis solares

baterias 250Ah recarregáveis solares
baterias 250Ah recarregáveis solares baterias 250Ah recarregáveis solares

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Detalhes do produto:
Lugar de origem: China suzhou
Marca: king sun
Certificação: CE / ISO9001 / ISO14001 / Rohs
Número do modelo: GTBP-250
Condições de Pagamento e Envio:
Quantidade de ordem mínima: Negociação
Preço: Negotiation
Detalhes da embalagem: Embalado por de madeira
Tempo de entrega: 7
Termos de pagamento: T/T
Habilidade da fonte: 10000 partes/partes pela semana

baterias 250Ah recarregáveis solares

Nome: Baterias recarregáveis solares solares de bateria 250Ah do ciclo profundo da fábrica Tipo da manutenção: Livre
Tensão: 12V Tipo selado: Selado
Capacidade nominal: 100AH 120AH 150AH Aplicação: Sistema solar, UPS, poder alternativo de CCTV/Solar System/UPS/sistema painel solar, telecomunicaçõe
Nome do produto: a bateria solar 12v 100ah do ciclo profundo, bloco da bateria 12v, bateria 100ah solar 150ah 200ah, Cor: Preto, branco/azul
Terminal: Tanoeiro Tipo: bateria solar 12v 100ah, bateria recarregável, bateria solar do gel, bateria do inversor

baterias 250Ah recarregáveis solares


Baterias 150AH recarregáveis solares


Bateria profunda do ciclo de 100AH 12v

Factory Deep Cycle Solar Battery 250Ah Solar Rechargeable Batteries


1, Description:

Safety seal, Deflating system ,Simple maintenance, long lasting,Stable quality and high reliability

Gelled electrolyte made by mixing sulfuric acid with silica fume.
The electrolyte is gel like, immobile and does not leak, enabling uniform reaction of each part of the plate.
High rate discharge performance due to tight assembly technology
Strong heat dissipation and wide operating temperature range
Avoid acid mist being separated out, environment friendliness
Efficient venting system release excessive gas automatically



2, Parameters:



Model Voltage (V) Capacity (AH) Weight (KG) Dimension(MM)
Length Width Height Total Height
GTBP-65 12 65 21.0 351 167 176 176 M8
GTBP-100 12 100 30.5 331 174 214 219 M8
GTBP-150 12 150 44.8 484 171 241 241 M8
GTBP-180 12 180 52.8 532 206 216 221 M8
GTBP-200 12 200 60.8 532 240 219 224 M8
GTBP-220 12 220 63.3 522 240 219 224 M8
GTBP-250 12 250 70.8 521 269 220


3, Usage with Solar Rechargeable Batteries

Hybrid and off grid solar power system
UPS battery backup
Wind solar energy system

Signal system, emergency lighting system, security system

Telecommunication Equipment
Power station and plant room


4, FAQ

Q one.Do you have MOQ?
Depands on different ideas, Can be negotiated.The larger the quantity is, the competitive the unit price will be.
Q two.Should the customer pay the delivery fee,How much is it?
For the delivery fee,many samples are be requested to be sent,so we must get delivery fee.
If you tell me to use the appointed Express,you will give me your express account or you will pay according to the Express.
If you do not request,I will choose a cheap one in China.
Q three .How about the after sale service?
1)We will always keep the quality the same with the same and if there is something with the quality,we will make compensaton for our coustomers.
2)We will suggest our packing and take charge in our packing,we will keep the goods safe in the delivery.
3)We will trace the goods from the production to selling,we will slove the problems in the selling for our coustomers.
Q four.When can I get a price?
We usually quote within 24hours after we get your inquiry.


5, More picture:


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baterias 250Ah recarregáveis solares 2

baterias 250Ah recarregáveis solares 3

baterias 250Ah recarregáveis solares 4


Product Processing

baterias 250Ah recarregáveis solares 5


baterias 250Ah recarregáveis solares 6


Product Packing


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Product Breakdown


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Our design developers has more than 10 years working experience in solar energy field, all design engineers are working tirelessly to perfect our products to make its always in the leading level. We desire to solve 2B business, provide standardized products, core competencies is high cost performance. we also desire to solve the 2C business and provide personalized products. The core competencies are market, brand and sales channel. We are striving to build KingSun to be an international leading manufacturer of Solar terminal application products



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